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The PXL program is an internal, in-person training program designed by McCann Worldgroup. The program includes a series of digital educational sessions that were developed to explore emerging technology and integrated approaches in the ever-changing digital landscape.

McCann wanted to have a digital transformation for the way employees consume the content, and that’s when we got in the frame.

The application needed to provide concise educational pages and a fun and pleasant learning experience. For it all to come together in time, we needed to work closely with the project manager on the client’s side, a content developers team, and software developers team, all on tight schedule.

The Challenge

We had about 10 lessons, each lesson had 3-9 units, each unit had 15-60 cards. That’s around 1700 cards to design and consume by the users.
Lucky for us, we didn't need to write the content, but now we faced a new challenge -
How you design 1700 cards in a short period of time?

Designing and coding such large amount of data was complicated and time consuming, taking a time toll on both our design team and the programming team tasked with the application. We solved it by making an array of reusable templates for cards, which provided us a decrease of 66% in design time and 50% in developing time.



Having received pre-existing logo & Identity design from our Awesomely friends at “Awesome”,  we adapted them for mobile, creating a visual style for this app and further apps by pxl

Fonts in use

We created more illustration that continuously gives the same look and feels across all platforms


iWay transportation

Case Study Coming Soon!
A new standard in the transportation world. A solution perfect for cities without a metro... Curious? check it out now!
Visual Design