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PXL on demand

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Visual Design
The PXL program is an internal, in-person training program designed by McCann Worldgroup. The program includes a series of digital educational sessions that were developed to explore emerging technology and integrated approaches in the ever-changing digital landscape.

McCann wanted to have a digital transformation for the way employees consume the content, and that’s when we got in the frame.
The application needed to provide concise educational pages and a fun and pleasant learning experience. For it all to come together in time, we needed to work closely with the project manager on the client’s side, a content developers team, and software developers team, all on tight schedule.

The Challenge

We had about 10 lessons, each lesson had 3-9 units, each unit had 15-60 cards. That’s around 1700 cards to design and consume by the users.

Lucky for us, we didn't need to write the content, but now we faced a new challenge - How you design 1700 cards in a short period of time?

Designing and coding such large amount of data was complicated and time consuming, taking a time toll on both our design team and the programming team tasked with the application.

We solved it by making an array of reusable templates for cards, which provided us a decrease of 66% in design time and 50% in developing time.


Having received pre-existing design guidelines for the brand’s look and feel - we adapted them for mobile, creating a visual style for this and further apps.
Fonts in use